Good arguments for the dental practice

As a dentist, you aim to offer optimal patient care and, if required, provide top-class prostheses. The best quality is possible when the dental practice, dental laboratory and materials suppliers work together in an optimal fashion. With the duoGarantie, we offer your patients the certainty of acquiring an aesthetically and dentally top-quality prosthesis – and the chance to additionally secure the sometimes considerable investment. The duoGarantie also offers you, as the dentist, noticeable benefits: the patient feels perfectly advised and the doctor–patient bond is additionally reinforced thanks to the regular control visits.

We have summarised the most important arguments in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, safety and patient satisfaction in a number of brochures.

Brochure: Now add safety to quality.

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Sample review sheet

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Details on duoGarantie for the dental practice

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