Heimerle + Meule as premium partner of CROGOLD 2024

CROGOLD 2024 took place on March 20 in Zagreb and was the second of several planned gold conferences in Croatia with media representatives and experts from the financial and precious metals market.

The stated aim of this series of gold conferences is to bring together leading domestic and foreign experts from the gold market and give participants an insight into the latest trends in the precious metals industry. In addition, all participants can see the exhibited products up close and get in direct contact with the manufacturers.

Yannick Thurner, Head of our Vienna branch, shared his experience and in-depth knowledge with Sasa Ivanovic (CEO/ Centarzlata), Jörg Endress (Managing Director/ Argor Heraeues Germany) and Ivan Odrljin (Head of Sales/ Croatian Mint) in an interesting panel discussion on the topic of "Global developments in the gold market".

Afterwards, Yannick Thurner gave an exciting presentation to the interested audience on the subject of "Innovative products from Heimerle + Meule in the gold investment market".

The clear conclusion of the second CROGOLD 2024 conference:

As in the previous year, investing in investment gold has proven to be the perfect solution to protect the assets of citizens and institutional investors, even under the current complex, globally challenging economic conditions.

In conclusion, this second gold conference was a complete success and we are enthusiastic and absolutely convinced by this series of events.