Taking electroplating to the next level

Heimerle + Meule is launching its brand new range of top quality electroplating units and systems at Vicencaoro 2024.

The brand-new range of equipment from Heimerle + Meule – taking electroplating to the next level.

Heimerle + Meule is launching its brand new range of top quality electroplating units and systems at Vicencaoro 2024.

Just in time for Vicenzaoro and Inhorgenta 2024, Heimerle + Meule, Germany’s oldest gold and silver refinery, is presenting a large part of its completely redesigned range of units and systems, which was developed at the long-standing company’s in-house equipment centre. From the perfect processing of individual and sample parts to series production, these innovative electroplating units and systems from the Pforzheim-based precious metal specialist provide customers with every option for the optimal coating of their surfaces.

Heimerle + Meule will launch the PGG 10 flex compact electroplating unit, the PGG 30, PGG 30/S4 electroplating systems and the flagship PGG 50/S4 at the start of 2024. This innovative series of electroplating units and systems is complemented by the highly effective KWA water treatment unit and the TFA 120/10 titanium colouring solution. According to Heimerle + Meule, further new products and solutions will follow in the course of the year.

The PGG 10 flex compact electroplating unit is ideal for electroplating small individual parts. One of the innovative features of the PGG 10 flex is that the device has a modular design and can be expanded by one unit module each on the right and left side, as well as by one rinsing unit on each module. By purchasing the matching components, the respective unit modules can be converted to a bath volume of 3 l and/or 1.5 l.

The PGG 30, PGG 30/S4 and PGG 50/S4 system types have also been redesigned by the specialists of the long-standing Pforzheim-based company and are perfect for processing larger individual parts and small-series production. Each of these systems features several connection options for additional devices, such as the KWA 5 circulating water system, a filter pump and a filter and extraction system.

The KWA 5 circulating water system is a combination device with an ion exchange bottle, which is ideally suited for cleaning circulating water. The KWA 5 also has a particle filter and a UV unit, which quickly and effectively reduces harmful germs and eliminates cloudy rinsing water caused by algae or bacteria.

The TFA 120/10–30 titanium colouring solution from Heimerle + Meule rounds off the current range of equipment perfectly. This compact system is primarily used in medical technology for dyeing surgical instruments or tools. The TFA 120/10–30 is very user-friendly. It can be used to dye titanium objects in different colours.

The launch of the new range of equipment shows once again that Heimerle + Meule is and will remain one of the most innovative providers in the industry.