Guaranteed trust.

Trust is good, but it’s even better when there’s certification.

With our quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we stand for high quality standards and high competence.

Our other distinctions attest to the trust that people regularly place in us: The certification based on the Responsible Gold Guidance (RGG), the inclusion on the LBMA Good Delivery List for gold and the Code of Practice certification by the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). All these labels certify that our gold and all the products made from it are free of conflict, innovative and of high quality.


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Heimerle + Meule Limited Assurance Statement LBMA/RGG

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LBMA certificate - Good delivery

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Waste management company

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EC Certificate 93 42 EEC Annex V Section 3

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EC Certificate 93 42 EEC Annex II excluding Section 4

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EN ISO 13485

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Supplement to the Certificate according to 93_42_EEC, Annex II, excluding 4

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Corporate social responsibility at Heimerle + Meule GmbH

Trust and reliability are two of the fundamental values ​​at Heimerle + Meule GmbH. At the same time, Heimerle + Meule GmbH is aware of its corporate social responsibility at every level and in all areas.

The management board, team leaders and employees put this responsibility into practice and encourage each other to do so in their day-to-day business activities. But that is not all: for Heimerle + Meule GmbH, corporate social responsibility also means improving social and environmental performance as well as demonstrating responsibility towards customers, employees and the natural world. In that sense, corporate responsibility ranges from sustainability in production, responsible organisational management and staff-friendly HR policies to compliance with ethical, social and environmental standards.

To meet these goals at all times and to constantly improve, Heimerle + Meule GmbH regularly reviews its departmental activities and procedures through the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

The results of this third-party audit are recorded in the RJC certificate issued for Heimerle + Meule GmbH. Both the RJC certificate and the company’s membership in the RJC prove that Heimerle + Meule GmbH fulfils its corporate responsibility with regard to ethics, human rights, society and the environment.

Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

The Responsible Jewellery Council was founded in 2005 as a not-for-profit organisation. The RJC aims to promote ethically, socially and environmentally responsible processes in which human rights are respected at every stage of the supply chain for jewellery containing diamonds, gold and platinum, from mining to retail.

In its Code of Practices, the RJC defines common standards for all members, which in turn build on international standards for responsible business practices.

Another objective of the RJC is to promote continuous improvements in the business practices of member companies, thus achieving positive changes that benefit workers, communities, business partners, the environment and other stakeholders.

Furthermore, the RJC has been a full member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global sustainability standards association, since 2012.

RJC COP Certificate

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