Heimerle + Meule maintains a comprehensive compliance organisation in order to ensure compliance with laws, company-specific regulations and principles of conduct. The aim of the compliance organisation is to create organisational precautions and systematic measures to prevent violations of the rules or make it significantly more difficult to commit such violations, as well as to identify violations that have occurred and to counter them appropriately.

These objectives are implemented methodically by maintaining a compliance management system whose core components and design are based on the compliance standards IDW PS 980 and DIN ISO 37301.

The aim of this is to support and strengthen all people working at Heimerle + Meule in their compliance with the rules.

Based on a compliance risk analysis, a compliance programme was developed, among other things, which reduces the identified risk drivers with different measures. The measures of the compliance programme include, for example, individual and subject-specific consultations, the Code of Conduct - For a responsible working relationship - Genuine. Honest. Valuable., training and instruction, our whistleblower system, various audits and certifications as well as information, communication and other awareness-raising measures.

In addition, Heimerle + Meule is committed to strengthening responsible supply chains and, as a member of the German Institute for Compliance e.V. (DICO), is involved in actively shaping compliance in society and further development of standards for compliance practice.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the subject of compliance, you can contact the Compliance Department of
Heimerle + Meule GmbH at the following e-mail address: compliance[at]