Precious metal without the guilt: our environmental guidelines

As a responsible company we are anxious to protect the environment through sustainable business practices. This starts on-site with the resource-conserving refining of residual precious metals during precious metal recovery at Heimerle + Meule.

With the consistent application of measures and guidelines, we strive to avoid causing environmental damage or, if that is not totally possible, to minimise damage in all production processes. 

Measures against water and air contamination
We constantly monitor our processes to ensure that water contamination thresholds are not breached. Efficient waste water systems in production and precious metal recovery ensure that no substances or untreated waste water get into the groundwater. External and internal waste water samples are analysed every year.

We are just as careful to ensure that air contamination thresholds are observed and systematically checked. An annual audit by an external company ensures that emissions are limited and the corresponding thresholds are not breached. Emission measurements are regularly taken and analysed during waste incineration, for example, and in the refinery.

Observing waste disposal directives 
As a waste management facility we strictly observe the German Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies. This ordinance stipulates that waste must be collected, transported, stored, treated, reused or disposed of – measures that we implement every day. A technical watchdog conducts annual inspections to ensure that the defined requirements are observed. We meet the conditions set out in the ordinance on a regular basis. That’s why when it comes to waste disposal, Heimerle + Meule guarantee typically high quality standards.