Together against Corona

Possehl Electronics Deutschland and Heimerle + Meule conduct a corporate vaccination campaign for their employees and their families.

What a fantastic and exemplary campaign by Possehl Electronics Deutschland GmbH and Heimerle + Meule GmbH. Together with the company doctors from Präventic, the two Pforzheim-based companies, which both belong to the Possehl Group in Lübeck, have launched a joint company vaccination campaign. As is often the case, the two companies are setting a good example by enabling their employees and their families to be vaccinated quickly and easily with the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine.

In the canteen of Possehl Electronics Deutschland GmbH, two vaccination lines were set up especially for this excellently planned campaign, in which more than 200 employees of the two Pforzheim companies received their first and second vaccinations on a total of four days.

In order for this huge task to be realized at all, comprehensive and extremely elaborate planning and preparation was required. Under the leadership of Human Resources Manager Swen Koch, the Possehl Electronics Deutschland GmbH team developed and implemented a perfectly customized schedule.

"The health of our employees and their families is very important to us. It is therefore a matter of course for us to get actively involved with a vaccination campaign at our site within the scope of our operational possibilities," explains Daniel Pitschmann, CEO of Possehl Electronics Deutschland GmbH.

Georg Steiner, Managing Director of Heimerle + Meule GmbH thanks Daniel Pitschmann and the entire team of Possehl Electronics Deutschland GmbH, "we are pleased that we can participate in the company vaccination campaign of Possehl Electronics and once again show ourselves as a responsible company for our employees."

Possehl Electronics Germany and Heimerle + Meule as well as their employees would like to thank their mother company L. Possehl, because the Lübeck-based group has always strengthened and promoted the cooperation of its group companies and has even launched the initiative #bildetbanden.

#BildetBanden against Corona - a great signal!