SECAIN Secure - the safest way to store your gold!

• Secure and insured storage
• Individual safekeeping of your precious-metal investment products
• Simple, uncomplicated withdrawal
• No base monthly fee
• Deposits possible at values of €15,000 or more


SECAIN Secure: safe & insured.

Your investment products are in safe hands with us. They are stored and sealed in your personal safety deposit box and held in a special high-security area. Your investment products are also appropriately insured with us.

What can you store with us?

When you buy investment products from us in person or our online shop at, you can have them transferred directly to your safety deposit box. Unfortunately, no precious metals products already in your possession can be stored.

Heimerle + Meule does not charge a base monthly fee. The storage fee that you pay is based on the current market value of the investment products that you store with us.

Segregated storage for even more security.

The investment products that you store with us are always held segregated in individual custody in your personal safety deposit box. Unlike with unallocated storage, which is what most other storage companies offer, the precious-metal investment products that we return to you are exactly the same physical ones that you stored with Heimerle + Meule initially. We offer the highest level of security and transparency.

Simple withdrawal.

It is easy and fast to withdraw the precious metals that you store with us. We offer you three options for this:

1. Personal collection
After arranging an appointment by phone, you can collect your precious metals in person from our main office in Pforzheim. A third party can also collect your precious metals by presenting notarised power of attorney.

2. Delivery of your precious metal products
We can gladly send you your investment products through our certified delivery partner after withdrawing them. The only costs that arise for you are those for delivery.

3. Sale to Heimerle + Meule
If you wish to sell specific precious-metal investment products of yours or all of them, we will send you a quotation. We can buy your products at current market rates at any time. We pay via bank transfer directly to your account.

Once all of your investment products have been withdrawn, you can of course close your safety deposit box account at any time in line with the relevant notice dates. This means there are no additional costs for you to pay.


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