Electroplating chemicals

The wealth of experience we have gained and the in-house developments we have produced over the years allow us to offer you an extensive range of universal electroplating chemicals

designed for various processing stages. We use the electrolytes we have developed in our in-house laboratories in our own job plating shop, so you can rest assured that they will cater for all your daily needs. We also have our own state-of-the-art analysis laboratory to help us monitor the ongoing plating process. Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, Heimerle + Meule is known around the world for its high standards of quality, professional expertise and security – values that guarantee optimal and sustainable results for you, the customer.

Make the most of Heimerle + Meule’s expertise to assist you with your processing requirements:

  • Pretreatment
  • PM electrolytes
  • Pen plating
  • NPM electrolytes
  • Finishing and special processes
  • PM solutions

Highly qualified and experienced members of our application technology team develop tailor-made solutions on your behalf in order to help make production processes efficient and economical for you. Please also note that we provide training courses and seminars to ensure the correct handling of electroplating chemicals and equipment purchased from the Heimerle + Meule range.


Quality from the outset – our pretreatment electroplating chemicals

Optimal pretreatment of the surface requiring electroplating is necessary to achieve high-quality plating results. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise we can offer you tried-and-tested bath chemicals for hot and electrolytic degreasing, as well as ultrasonic cleaning.

The following table gives an overview of our pretreatment electroplating chemicals:


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Brilliant variety – Heimerle + Meule electrolytes

The use of precious metal electrolytes in the jewellery industry and goldsmiths’ workshops is indispensable for brilliant jewellery finishes.
In addition to the basic colours of the pure precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium, Heimerle + Meule can offer you a fascinating spectrum of other gold shades as well as rhodium and ruthenium in black.

The table provides an overview of our range of electrolytes.

Pen plating electrolytes
In addition to precious metal electrolytes for use in immersion plating, we naturally also have numerous products for pen plating. All rhodium, gold and silver shades are precisely coordinated with the colours used in the immersion process.

The table provides details of the pen plating electrolytes supplied by Heimerle + Meule.

Non-precious metal electrolyte
Nickel and copper are often used as intermediate layers in decorative surface plating.



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Purest quality – our precious metal solutions

Purity and perfect quality – high demands on precious metal solutions.

With 175 years of experience in dealing with precious metals, Heimerle + Meule guarantee top-class quality and the best possible results. In addition to the well-known gold and silver salts, we also produce a wide variety of other precious metal compounds.

The table below provides information on our precious metal solution product diversity:

Product overview

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The perfect finish – Heimerle + Meule post-treatment electroplating chemicals

As experienced specialists in precious metals, Heimerle + Meule supply a broad spectrum of tried-and-tested chemicals for post-treatment, anti-tarnish protection and specialised processes, usefully supplementing individual processing.

The brochure below provides information on our range of post-treatment electroplating chemicals:

Finishing and special processes

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The chemical recovery system – RHODOCLAIM

The RHODOCLAIM system developed by Heimerle + Meule revolutionises rhodium recovery from rhodium-containing spent baths and rinses. Gone are the days when the solutions needed to be expensively transported to processing centres. Recovery is now extremely profitable and easy to perform yourself. Using the RHODOCLAIM system, even rhodium recovery from solutions that were previously not even recycled is now profitable. Help protect the environment and make additional profits – with RHODOCLAIM by Heimerle + Meule.

Precious metal recovery by chemical reaction

After adjusting the pH, the RHODOCLAIM powder can be easily added to the spent solution. The rhodium reacts with the innovative RHODOCLAIM powder and forms a chemical bond. The filtered and dried rhodium-containing extract is now no longer a hazardous substance and can be sent for refining to Heimerle + Meule.

Only very little effort is needed. All you need is the following:

● Fluted filter

● Measuring spoon

● pH paper

● A suitable vessel


Heimerle + Meule offers the following services:

● Precious metal analysis prior to recovery

● Professional rhodium recovery

In return for the extract, you receive the value of the recovered rhodium as a payment, rhodium baths or other Heimerle + Meule precious metal products. We will be happy to provide you with a free precious metal account. Please note that we charge a metal fee for each recovered gram of rhodium.

The process described is not only straightforward and particularly user-friendly, but also highly economical: under optimum conditions*, your return from 500 l of spent bath with a rhodium content of only 0.1 g/l can be up to 200%. Given a high enough rhodium content, your precious metal profit may increase to over 800%.

 * Optimum conditions are low bath contamination and a proper procedure that is in compliance with the operating instructions. RHODOCLAIM system 8101 0 144

Our electroplating chemicals

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