Colourful titanium – the TFA 120/10 titanium anodiser

Titanium is a metal which forms a durable oxide layer. It is capable of refracting and absorbing light. Extremely decorative colours result, depending on the thickness of this oxide layer. The manufacturers of medical instruments, glasses frames and writing instruments have long exploited this property for their own ends and even jewellery designers are inspired by coloured titanium.

Beautiful surfaces that last with the TFA 120/10 titanium anodiser

With the Heimerle + Meule titanium anodiser, existing passive layers can be reinforced by anodic oxidation. If the applied voltage is increased, a thicker oxide layer is deposited; this process is used to achieve the variety of colours. With a standard 25 l process bath, a 120 V rectifier and an automatically locking safety cover, the TFA 120/10 titanium anodiser is perfect for achieving a wide range of colours. Other options are available on request. Using the titanium colouring solution also developed by Heimerle + Meule and the proper titanium pickle, the TFA 120/10 facilitates immaculate shades of bronze, violet, light blue, steel blue, yellow, pink and green without the slightest problem.