COLORIT ® – high-quality design, colouring and labelling

Jewellery is twice as beautiful when coloured. Besides classic processes and techniques such as enamelling, the modern material COLORIT ® gives the designer countless opportunities to produce distinctive, colourful creations.

Colour is moving, inspiring, fascinating. COLORIT ® allows this feeling to be translated to elegant pieces of jewellery – with impressive effects. The design possibilities are virtually limitless with COLORIT ®. The colour-fast tones are available in a number of nuances and can also be freely mixed.

The composite material with ceramic reinforcement can be applied quickly and easily, hardened permanently under blue light and ground and polished mechanically. The biocompatible material is adhesion-, shock- and wear-resistant, making it ideal for high-quality and individual designs.


COLORIT - Colour effects

COLORIT - Colour and certification

COLORIT - Plating

COLORIT - Mix colours yourself and store them

COLORIT - There is no waste


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