Curing Colorit® colours – our light appliances

A number of appliances are available for working with Colorit®. Their common features: ease of use, precision and reliable functionality. Regardless of which appliance you use, the results will always impress.

Discover the Colorit® Light Cube 1 and Colorit® Light Cube 2 UV radiation chambers, the Colorit® Speed and Colorit® Power Speed spotlights, the Colorit® Desk Power DP2 polymerisation light and the 110 digital metering system, and you can look forward to fascinating results with the appliance of your choice.

Powerful and durable – Colorit® Desk Power DP2

The DP2 polymerisation light, based on LED technology, is a durable spotlight which, due to its high light output, is eminently suitable for curing Colorit®.

Compact and powerful – Colorit® Light Cube 1 + 2

The Colorit® Light Cube 1 and Colorit® Light Cube 2 are compact UV radiation chambers with internal dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 cm or 60 × 43 × 43 cm, which can be used to cure flat objects. Complete final curing of large numbers of objects is guaranteed using these appliances.

Precise and reliable – Colorit® Power Speed

The Colorit® Power Speed is a powerful spotlight for industrial curing of light-curable Colorit® colours.

Fast and precise – Colorit® Speed

Similar to the Colorit® Power Speed, the Colorit® Speed spotlight also serves to cure light-curable Colorit® colours.

Easy and exact – digital metering system 110

The 120 digital metering system is eminently suitable for quickly and precisely applying Colorit® colours.