Good as gold for a beaming smile – our dental products

A gold and silver refinery, a precious metals trader, a jewellery expert and a specialist for dental products – can a company be all of these things? It can. We have grown continuously over the years and are an established dental laboratory system supplier. We have now developed and produced precious metal dental alloys in-house for almost 100 years. High quality, easy to work with and at fair prices – we adopted these principles for developing a broad product spectrum of professionally produced dental prostheses.

Our current portfolio comprises the following product families:


  • Extensive selection of alloys: PLATINOR, AUROPLADENT, ECONOR and BEDRA DENT
  • Modern ceramic systems: INSPIRATION and the PLATINA system
  • Construction and friction elements for combination techniques
  • GES electro-forming system: for producing pure gold, self-supporting metal frames
  • Appliances and consumables
  • Recycling² precious metals from residues, waste and exhausted electroplating baths

Personal assistance is important to us. Our 24 consultants work across the entire country to individually advise our customers. Looking for a direct contact? Find out more calling +49 (0)172 7396 952.

Product overview

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