"Made in Germany" quality initiative with duoGarantie

A winning smile – something we all want. However, brilliant white and uniform teeth are now almost a luxury product. Patients today must pay a considerably greater surcharge for their dental care. It is therefore understandable that their demands on quality have increased. The quality of the prostheses depends on a number of factors: the quality of the materials used, the expertise of the laboratory and the skill of the dentist – all have a direct effect on the result.

However, the difference between high and low quality cannot always be discerned at first glance. The duoGarantie tells the patient, in an easily understandable way, that their money is safe and is invested in the Made in Germany quality class. The duoGarantie is not insurance, but a manufacturer’s guarantee for up to 60 months for all Heimerle + Meule alloys with the duo label. In a guarantee case, both the dental expenses and the dentist’s fee are reimbursed. All dental work performed by German dentists using our alloys is therefore especially trustworthy, high-quality and extremely durable. The dental laboratory itself also profits from these advantages: a dental prosthesis enhanced by the duoGarantie represents an effective marketing instrument.

In line with the conditions of the guarantee, the duoGarantie reimburses the following in a guarantee case:

  • Dental expenses
  • The dentist’s fee