Dental laboratory

Dental laboratories today face increasing competition. The price range for dental prostheses is large and, at the same time, patients increasingly value quality – but generally without actually being capable of correctly assessing the true quality of the prostheses. In addition, the increased surcharge often places financial limits on the choice of prostheses.

As an experienced dental technician, you know that quality begins with the material. Monitored by a strict quality management system, we offer dental laboratories high-quality precious metal alloys, ceramic systems and the associated equipment and consumables – the best basis for master dental work. The duoGarantie provides you with good arguments in favour of medically founded, high quality dental care, which will persuade your patients. Good consulting services help you to gain new clients and keep them for the long term. So you, too, can directly profit from duoGarantie.

We have summarised the most important arguments and ideas on the topics of quality, safety, customer acquisition and bonding, and pricing in a number of publications.Are you interested in using duoGarantie in the future, or are you already making use of it? With our software, you have a permanent overview of your issued guarantees. The latest version of duoData and the update can be found here.

Brochure: Superb work pays for itself!

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