All guarantees under control – with duoData

One can easily lose track of the many guarantees issued. With duoData you can keep track of everything – as easy as child’s play. The software, specially designed to work with duoGarantie, is especially easy to use – the effort needed is kept to a minimum and you always have a clear overview. The guarantee period and the review interval can be completely defined by you. Once the guarantee data are recorded, the guarantee approval is printed for the patient.

Depending on the selected guarantee period and review interval, duoData calculates the review dates and records them on the review sheet for the dentist and the patient – all completely automatic and without additional user intervention. Profit from this modern option and start the quality initiative for your laboratory using duoData – simple and effective.

As a special service, we can offer you the duoData program and most recent update as a free download. Just click here: duoData.

BEDRA DENT customers previously using the BIO DYNAMIK guarantee model and who would now like to transfer to the duoGarantie model can find the update for their BIODATA program here: UPDATE from Bedra BIODATA to DUODATA.

After installing the update, you can select between BIO DYNAMIK and duoGarantie. Of course, all stored BIO DYNAMIK guarantees remain completely valid.