The safe, microcrystalline facing ceramic – INSPIRATION

What qualities must a safe, modern, two-phase leucite glass ceramic possess? These! INSPIRATION can be worked at a maximum firing temperature of 900°C. With its coordinated transparency and fluorescence, the material allows natural tooth reconstruction. Conventional ceramic alloys with a TEC value of 13.8–14.8 × 10–6 K–1 (25–500°C) are used – the ideal partner for high or reduced gold content, as well as the ECONOR palladium-based ceramic alloys in our product range. 

INSPIRATION ceramic also offer the following convincing benefits:

  • Captivating colour brilliance, high translucence and depth of colour as a result of the microcrystalline structure
  • Very good contouring capability and firing, shape and edge stability
  • Outstanding colour stability even after several firing cycles
  • No long-term cooling
  • Easy layering and safe working

New ceramic materials
We have supplemented our already extensive ceramic system by three further materials: modifier HF (highly fluorescent), transparent material in yellow and transparent material in brown. The colouring corresponds to the common VITA colour system from A1–D4 with additional modification of A0 and B0.

Our technical support will be happy to furnish suggestions for applications for the new materials. We are happy to advise you. 

Chroma-intensified, translucent individual materials
Performance-oriented laboratories often demand more individuality in facings. The demands on the ceramic materials employed are correspondingly high.

We have launched the expressive CTI materials in close cooperation with renowned dental technicians. They can either be applied in their original form or be mixed with the INSPIRATION base materials. The special feature: the ceramic technician can compose an individual colour palette with only a few materials.

System alloys. The INSPIRATION system is designed to perfectly match our system alloys: PLATINOR AM 87, PLATINOR AM 86, PLATINOR AM 85, PLATINOR AM 77, PLATINOR AM G, PLATINOR AM 78, PLATINOR AM 3 and ECONOR U 3.

Scope of delivery and price list

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Application brochure: INSPIRATION CTI

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Application brochure: INSPIRATION

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