Facing ceramic for zirconium frames – INSPIRATIONzirkon

Is there a special zirconium oxide ceramic for facing and characterising crowns and bridges? Yes! The low-fusing layering material inspires with its high-quality aesthetics, and simple and safe application. Thanks to its very high chemical durability, the material is distinguished by its outstanding biocompatibility. The advantage for dental technicians: INSPIRATIONzirkon has very similar workability features to those of conventional metal ceramic (e.g. INSPIRATION). In practice, this means that no new knowledge is needed for layering. 

The INSPIRATIONzirkon facing ceramic also displays the following convincing features:

  • Trouble-free application thanks to high TEC stability, even after several firings
  • Very minor shrinkage and beneficial handling properties
  • Pleasantly soft and easy to work, grind and polish
  • High brilliance, natural aesthetics – with no greying even after several firings
  • Individual design options thanks to a wide range of materials corresponding to VITA colours, plus special materials
  • The translucent, fluorescent Chroma Shade displays translucence and very good bonding to the zirconium oxide frame
  • Stable firing margin materials and ‘real’ thermally stable opal materials
  • Fluorescent staining colour system and deep-sintering, high-gloss glaze material

Scope of delivery and price list

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Application brochure

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Scope of delivery and price list - Colours + shades

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