The INNOVATION in facing ceramic – INSPIRATIONeasy

Easy to use and with inspiring results: INSPIRATIONeasy. Layering is now even easier with this innovative leucite glass ceramic. The perfect interaction of opaquer, body material and stains guarantees convincing results – brilliant, reproducible individual crowns and bridges. When facing PM and NPM metal structures with a TEC value of 13.8–14.8 × 10–6 K–1 (25–500°C), INSPIRATIONeasy facing ceramic offer a captivating optical and technical solution. A special advantage: the desired result can be achieved directly, entirely without opaque dentine, dentine and enamel. All you need is body material – the same material from the cervical margin to the edge – really easy! Even for multiple applications or corrections, the result is 100% harmonious and optical anomalies are completely eliminated. 

  • Step 1: Metal cap
  • Step 2: Tooth-coloured INSPIRATION opaquer paste
  • Step 3: Body material
  • Step 4: Shade Body, enamel stains, glaze finish 

The great advantage of this technology is the simple, natural modelling of the individual tooth shape. The finish is only begun when this tooth shape is satisfactory. The glaze finish and body colour shade plus the enamel stain are applied once or twice and fired – and the prosthesis is complete! With the new Shade Body colour glaze effects, work produced using INSPIRATION or INSPIRATIONpress can be even more creative.

Brochure extract with price list

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