A matter of confidence: precious metal recovery

We have specialised in refining precious metal residues since 1845. This experience creates confidence in the knowledge of generations, guaranteeing you the maximum recovery of your precious metals.

We are constantly developing the process steps. This guarantees the largest possible cost-effectiveness in the interest of our customers. Quality and efficiency are two important aspects, but a fair partnership is no less important to us. Personal contact and a relationship with our customers that is based on trust are therefore especially important to us.

Precious metal recycling:

  • Scrap (meltable)
  • Prosthetic wastes (cone casts, filings, etc.)
  • Old dental gold (e.g. crowns and bridges)
  • Jewellery, coins, cutlery
  • Sweeps (for incineration)
  • Polishing residues, filters, blasting grit, sweeps, cleaning cloths, crucible residues, resins, slag
  • Liquids (including for decontamination)
  • Electroplating baths, drag-out rinses, solutions

Easy processing and invoicing
Structured and transparent – this is the way we manage precious metal recovery processing in-house. Even before delivery, we talk to you about processing costs, purchase prices and throughput times. You determine the time of price fixation and the return delivery format – as precious metal or semi-finished product. Of course, we also buy precious metals. 

Our service: we also collect scrap from anywhere in Germany for weights above 250 grams.

Cover letter: Dental gold purchasing

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