Machines and systems of Heimerle + Meule

We have over 170 years of experience in processing precious metals, which we incorporate into the development of our highly modern machines and systems for the fields of jewellery semi-finished products and precious metal recycling. We offer machines and systems for your production processes, which were specially developed for easy application by our customers.

Whether you need highly efficient precious metal recovery with the ELECTROCLAIM and the water circulation plant KW5 system solutions, or custom rings made exactly to measure thanks to the ring stretcher and the upright rolling mill, our devices and systems help you set up your production processes to be even more cost-effective and your jewellery designs to have an even better custom-fit – impressive evidence of our expertise in all things involving precious metals.

User-friendly and efficient – the RWM 2012-AMW ring stretcher

You can use our RWM 2012-AMW ring stretcher to expand solid and rounded rings (even unprocessed) in just a few working steps. In this process, the internal diameter of the ring is increased to the desired size.

Tailor-made results – HRL11/40-E upright rolling mill

You can use the HRL11/40-E upright rolling mill to expand unprocessed, solid and rounded rings by rolling them. In the rolling process, both the internal and external diameters of the ring are increased. The thickness of the side of the piece is reduced at the same time.

The Heimerle + Meule system solution for optimal precious metal recovery.

We develop special highly efficient machinery, equipment and chemicals for you for on-site use to recover precious metals from drag-out rinses, spent electroplating baths and diluted stripper solutions. These products provide a significant contribution to streamlining treatment processes and pay themselves off within the shortest amount of time.

With system solutions ELECTROCLAIM and the KW5 water treatment system, we provide the option of efficiently recovering precious metals from your solutions. We then professionally refine the recovered precious metal concentrates into pure precious metals in-house. The precious metal supply chain rounds off for our customers with the option to purchase electroplating chemicals, precious metal preparations and other precious metal products from Heimerle + Meule from these recovered precious metals.

With this precious metal supply chain and the connected ‘shortcuts’, low precious metal production losses and also reduced precious metal storage, our customers can significantly improve the cost-effectiveness of their procurement and production processes.

Fast and efficient precious metal recovery – ELECTROCLAIM

Electrolysis with the ELECTROCLAIM system is suitable for recovering precious metals which may present in moderate to high concentrations in drag-out rinses, spent electroplating baths and stripper solutions.

Up to 1,500 g of gold can be deposited on the three special cathodes in the cell of the ELECTROCLAIM precious metal recovery unit. In addition to the improved flow control in the recovery cell, the special Heimerle + Meule cathodes, in particular, achieve high deposit rates. This also ensures that solutions with precious metal concentrations in the grams range can be exploited to within just a few milligrams in a very short period.

The ELECTROCLAIM, with the rectifier, pump and recovery cell, is compactly packaged into a space-saving casing. The instruments and switches are clearly arranged on an instrument panel. The self-priming pump and easily removable special cathodes make the ELECTROCLAIM particularly user-friendly. Treatment of the special cathodes and recovery of the pure precious metal is carried out economically and professionally at our own refinery.

Details of the ELECTROCLAIM components can be found in the following table: 

Well designed and powerful – the KRW5 water treatment unit

Our KRW5 water treatment unit is suitable for cleaning loop water. In combination with a separate ion exchange cylinder, demineralised water can also be produced. The maximum throughput is 100 l/h.

The running drag-out rinse water to be cleaned flows under gravity into a raw water collection tank. The water is pumped from this basin, through anion exchange column containing mixed bed resins and to the running drag-out rinsers. Here, a magnetically coupled PP-H (polypropylene homopolymer) centrifugal pump is used. The loop water makes no contact with metal components, thus ruling out secondary reactions. The water quality can be monitored using an analogue conductivity meter at the head of the ion exchange cylinder. 

Further information on Heimerle + Meule’s KRW5 water treatment unit can be found in the following table: