Safe and reliable – our medical technology products

Especially in the medical technology field, we offer a wide range of electroplating methods for surface processing and identification, as well as numerous precious metal semi-finished products in a wide variety of special shapes.

The user-friendly TFA 120/20 titanium anodising system for colouring titanium surfaces makes a wide range of safe custom colours possible.

Furthermore, you have the option of selecting from various methods for polishing and electroplating medical device parts and surgical instruments. We provide everything from the coating system to the right baths and solutions. Our wide range is rounded off with our comprehensive service programme and consultations.

The biocompatible, patented colour-coding systems, Colorit® and Colorit® Dual, can be used to safely and reliably identify medical and dental instruments, drills and tools. Both systems are based on ceramic-reinforced composites and are available in standard colours or in customer-specific tones. If desired, samples of customer parts can be run through our application lab. Simple application and mechanical processability, as well as colour consistency and durability ensure flexible, reliable and long-lasting colour coding for the unmistakable identification of medical instruments.

As a manufacturer of precious metal semi-finished products for the jewellery industry and numerous technical industries, we are the ideal partner for precious metal semi-finished products used in medical technology. When working with us, you can expect a wide selection of alloys and shapes as well as the right equipment, set-up and options to implement your individual requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Product range for the medical industry

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