Turned and milled parts, custom-made products

At Heimerle + Meule, we manufacture turned and milled parts from all standard precious metal alloys, meeting the highest quality requirements and catering for a diverse range of markets in the process. Our comprehensive know-how covers the production of precision parts from precious metals along with one-off and mass-produced products for the Jewellery and watchmaking industry, parts for the luxury sector and, last but not least, parts designed to cope with the most demanding of industrial applications.

Our in-house machinery is equipped with state-of-the-art turning and milling technology. This, combined with our team of long-standing, experienced employees, allows us to meet the very highest requirements for the precious metal processing industry and cater for our customers’ every demand. By using the latest technology and controlled manufacturing processes, we always deliver sophisticated parts that are perfectly processed right down to the finest detail.

Innovative yet cost-effective solutions are our strength – even when it comes to complex requirements in terms of design and execution. Our modern quality management system and outstanding customer service are yet another indication of
Heimerle + Meule’s international reputation as a competent partner. All our products and services comply with the strictest quality standards and are continuously subjected to quality controls. Choose us to be your competent and reliable partner!

Product overview

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