Bring your imagination to life with DMLS

Heimerle + Meule, together with its English subsidiary Cooksongold, offers direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) technology, an innovative approach that follows the motto of ‘Making the impossible possible’. With this technology, extremely high-quality, delicate, highly complex jewellery and watch parts can be produced, ready for final processing, directly from CAD files. This efficient, design-oriented production solution shortens the time between design concept and implementation, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of the jewellery production process. Even the most discerning jewellery makers can make use of this technology to design completely new product lines that meet their exacting quality standards. 

This additive process allows the jewellery maker an incomparable and virtually limitless versatility in design – everything from hollow bodies and even geometric shapes that were previously impossible to represent can be easily produced using the laser sintering technology.