Precious M 080: the machine for end-to-end solutions

Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) is one of the most modern processes in jewellery making. With the PRECIOUS M 080, Cooksongold – a Heimerle + Meule Group company – has technology that takes advantage of the strengths of three-dimensional computer-aided design. In a fully automatic process that takes just a few hours and requires no tools, the PRECIOUS M 080 produces high-quality metal parts ready for final processing directly from three-dimensional CAD data. The process is ‘additive’, which means that the parts are produced in layers by fusing fine metal powder with a laser. The machine is equipped with a laser that provides excellent beam quality and performance stability, guaranteeing optimal, consistent processing conditions for producing parts of the highest quality. The system laser has a small focus diameter with excellent detail resolution, so that even the finest structures and extremely complex models such as free-form surfaces, hollow shapes and movable parts can be generated. The PRECIOUS M 080 was developed by Cooksongold in collaboration with the renowned company EOS.