Gentle, durable, versatile – PVD coating

The constantly growing demand for high-tech products made in as environmentally friendly a way as possible was what convinced Heimerle + Meule to invest in physical vapour deposition technology (PVD technology). This powerful surface technology was a welcome addition to our already extensive service portfolio. The PVD coating method has proved to be an excellent complement to existing electroplating techniques.

There are many good reasons to choose physical vapour deposition: in addition to the low chemical load on sensitive components and outstanding adhesive strength, this gentle method of coating also boasts a wide range of potential substrates, layers and layer combinations, including with metals that cannot be galvanically separated. Combination with other coating methods is also possible when used as base metallisation for electroplating, for example. In principle this method can be used to produce even, homogeneous layers with thicknesses from 0,05 μm.